Taipei Tech Erects a New Monumental Pillar to Celebrate 110 years of Excellence

Taipei Tech held a ceremony on 26th November to celebrate the new monumental pillar erected on campus for the school’s 110th anniversary. Taiwan Vice President Lai Ching-te, who attended the ceremony, indicated that Taipei Tech has nurtured so many talents for the industry over the past years that the university deserves all the credits for its contribution toward the society.

Lai further noted that Taipei Tech possesses three valuable strengths. The first one is its innovative abilities which enable the school to continuously climb up the world university rankings. The second strength is that Taipei Tech has long been an institute that accentuated industry-academia cooperation, and had cultivated many cross disciplinary talents with high global mobility. Lastly, Taipei Tech has been an integral partner that helped promote national policies such as the 5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan and the 6 Core Strategic Industries. These strengths are the reasons why Taipei Tech has been one of the most important institutes that facilitates Taiwan’s industry development.    

Wang Sea-fue, President of Taipei Tech, indicated that Taipei Tech has recently established the Frontier Institute of Research for Science and Technology that integrates the research on energy, artificial intelligence and semiconductor. These research fields are in line with the focus of government policies, and with the solid training and education provided, Wang believes that the faculty and students of Taipei Tech will be equipped with practical capacities that meet the industry needs.  
Back in 2011, Taipei Tech introduced a Hundred Years Memorial Park on campus to celebrate Taipei Tech’s 100th anniversary. The art installation at the park included ten stainless steel pillars, and each pillar representing ten years. The stature of each pillar varies, symbolizing different phases of Taipei Tech’s century-old history. Now, the school added another pillar, donated by alumnus, Wang Hsiao-shen, and designed by teachers and students of Taipei Tech, to celebrate Taipei Tech’s 110th anniversary. The new pillar also utilized the same material with jade spar embedded on top, which symbolizes Taipei Tech’s evolvement over the past decade.