Mission Statement

Taipei Tech, being one of the oldest technological universities in Taiwan, is devoting its strengths in becoming an internationally renowned university. Taipei Tech wishes that in the near future it will be a globally visible technological university to the likes of Georgia Institute of Technology in the USA and the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan.

With the set vision to become a world renowned leader in education, Taipei Tech is maintaining a steady flow of global interaction amongst other global educational institutes and always adapting to the needs of current educational responses, allowing for a more diverse influx of international students to become a part of the Taipei Tech family.

With the ongoing reputation of Taipei Tech as a top educational leader in Taiwan, the forming of symbiotic relationships between local industries, academics and research, Taipei Tech is firmly linking itself to Taiwan’s industries and forming a reputation of an “excellent R&D partner of SMEs.” In the exchange of such reputation Taipei Tech is also improving and strengthening cultural activities, making neighboring residents proud of Taipei Tech.