Undergraduate Programs


College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Energy and Refrigerating Air-conditioning Engineering

This course will provide student the understanding of practical applications of technical systems in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration. Also, renewable energy and the conception of environment protection are also concerned as the main instructional goals.

Mechanical Engineering

Professional knowledge and substantial elementary training toward the field of mechanical engineering will be provided in order to accommodate the features of modern mechanical technology: accuracy, intensity, durability, and quality.

Intelligent Automation Engineering

The five-year junior college program for intelligent automation. This program cultivates cross-disciplinary electromechanical talents with theories and practical technologies related to intelligent automation engineering. The students, meanwhile, are able to enjoy the abundant learning resources of Taipei Tech, and the introduction of the development education model of middle-level engineers from well-known foreign universities.

Vehicle Engineering

This program aims to cultivate specialists in mobile and track vehicles, and develops engineers to specialize in vehicle safety apparatus, recycling, vehicle accident examination, vehicle design, and advanced vehicle repair.



College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Computer Science & Information Engineering

Based on the three core of digital industry: multimedia, network system, and software system, the division offers pragmatic training for students to follow the rapid variation of this field.

Electrical Engineering

Being one of the oldest department in Taipei Tech, department of electrical engineering strives to cultivate outstanding talent in different fields, including power and energy, power electronics, control systems, communications, and computer systems.

Electronic Engineering

In this course, students will learn the physical and mathematical principles behind electronic engineering, and become proficient in the use of relevant tools and laboratory techniques.

Electro-Optical Engineering

The research focus on four main fields: optical communications, optical engineering, flat panel display, and optoelectronic material and devices. The application includes optical fiber network, pulse lasers, LED, and solar battery.


College of Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

The course features a mixture of lectures, exercises, laboratory work, and project work. It is designed to teach students the transferable skills that are sought by employers, which mainly deals with the technical implementation of the fundamentals in chemistry, biochemistry, plant engineering and construction, and paper and pulp technology.

Civil Engineering

Our flagship course provides a solid grounding in core subjects, including structures, materials, fluids, surveying and construction management, you will be introduced to the core disciplines and the context of civil engineering.

Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering

The program offers the students the expertise required for sustainable development of resources. This is the only department in Taiwan that combines the study of material and mineral resources. Therefore, students will learn both the theories and applications of materials and mineral resources engineering.

Molecular Science & Engineering

The program focuses on the molecular design, characterization and application of molecular structures and materials, where a wide range of advanced techniques are employed.


College of Management

Business Management

In the course you will learn how to cover finance, accounting, marketing, human resource management, and business and administrative studies with the focus on how organizations operate - what they do, their styles of management and their business strategies.

Industrial Engineering and Management

Based on the features of Information, Innovation, Intelligence, Integration, and Internationalization, students will be trained in the field of manufacture and supply chain management, e-business, and decision making.

Information and Finance Management

Associated with computer science, the department focuses more on information and financial systems and analysis.


College of Design


This course guides the student into the world of architectural studies and design. The Student will learn a great deal of theory as well as design fundamentals.

Industrial Design

In the industrial design program, you will take courses from a variety of fields including courses in art, art history, drawing, design, engineering, ergonomics and modeling.

Interaction Design

Applying in the field of art, advertisement, and entertainment, the department looks forward to better design of interaction between user and product, like improving user interface and adding innovative values.

International Program of Interaction Design and Innovation

Through the program’s curriculum, students are cultivated step by step to equip themselves with abilities in design and programming to explore the realm of interaction design.


College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Cultural Vocation Development

The studies of local and international orientation business, languages and culture this course is both interdisciplinary and international, giving you the chance to acquaint yourself with business and economics, combined with foreign languages and a cultural studies focused on working in networks, develop strong organizational and communication strategies, as well as developing important key skills, such as project management, leadership and problem-solving skills.


Students in the English department take a mixture of writing, speaking, literature, cultural studies, translation, and linguistics courses in order to cultivate their critical thinking, gain international perspectives, and communicate professionally and effectively in English. Students from this program can use their skills in various careers, including international business, journalism, education, civil service, cultural vocations, or further graduate study.