Aged Friendly Intelligent Living Conference held on June 14

Senior population in Taiwan is up to 13.2% according to data accumulated until December 2016 from the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, Taiwan. In order to take better care of seniors, government launched the Long-term Care Project 2.0 that aimed to create elderly friendly city/communication. The number of care center is expected to rise from 158 to 469 under the support of official resource. While citizen is going to spend a lot of time in care center, how to provide a safe and comfortable environment is one of the most important goals for designers. Taipei Tech not only has many research teams focus on aging and intelligent life issues, but also great energy in the field of architecture and design. The 2017 Aged Friendly Intelligent Living Conference hosted by the Department of Architecture was held on June 14. Five speeches were given covering topics including supportive environment design, multi-sensory stimulation activity design, and case study of aging in place in Japan. The exchange of experience and ideas generated from the conference shall become the foundation of a better living place for seniors in the future.