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Choosing the right air purifier according to science

Taipei Tech research team from the Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management conducted a study of comparison the effectivity between 11 different air purifiers and deodorizer. The result showed that activated carbon-zeolite filter performs best in keeping nitrogen oxide which is a common indoor air pollutant away among its competitors. This research was presented on Taiwan Public Health Association Annual Academic Conference for the first time.

Chao-heng Tseng, Chairman of the Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management, noted that there are many air pollutants such as PM2.5 and formaldehyde .This research only focus on nitrogen oxide which came from vehicle exhaust emissions is almost everywhere. The impact is related to the floor and location one lives.

In speaking of reducing another ordinary air pollutant, i.e. PM 2.5, HEPA is the best choice. Some customers believe that ozone generator can remove odor, but it is actually a no-go solution since it will not only cause damage to the environment but also harm respiratory tract according to Tseng.

Zong-Hai Yan, Doctor from the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou Branch, noted that only N95-certified masks can prevent us from PM 2.5 outside of a building. But people often find wearing this type of mask is uncomfortable. Therefore, Yan recommend folk to try to stay in and close windows when air quality is horrendous.

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