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Taipei Tech top ranked as the most favorable TVET university for corporations

Taipei Tech graduates

With the General Scholastic Ability Test coming to an end, high school students will have to undergo some struggles on deciding which majors or universities to go. To provide a reference for their decision, China Times Weekly (CTW) and 1111 Job Bank conducted a survey about the favorable universities for corporations in Taiwan.

The results show that the National Taiwan University tops all the other universities, and National Taipei University of Technology overlooks all the other TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) counterparts.

Daniel Da Hua Lee, the General Manager of 1111 Job Bank said that the employers stress the importance of global mobility, critical thinking, and breakthrough innovative thinking in the job seekers.

Although the technology industries have been in a predominant position for Taiwan economy, the importance of humanities and management has also been growing these years.

Lee further indicated that the information and finance industries have a rising need for workforce with the better development of FinTech, AI and big data analysis. This would also cause the universities renowned for their finance and information academic programs to be higher ranked.

CTW Executive Editor Shih Wei Lee indicated that the survey has more than 2,000 participants in its sample size, which is large enough to serve as a credible reference for the high school graduates and their parents to make decisions.

Lee also emphasized the importance of the internship or working experiences. Aside from the professional knowledge acquired from the university courses, the university students are highly advised to intern or work part-time at companies in the related industries. It would further polish their resume to gain more possibilities to secure the favorable jobs.

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