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Smart electro-optics to initiate AI TAIWAN in the 5G era

The Internet of Things has been applied to all kinds of devices for a more convenient life, and it is going to be combined with the artificial intelligence with the coming of the new 5G era in 2020. 

Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA) and Taipei Tech International Academic-Industry Alliance (IAIA) saw the potentials of such combination, and therefore hosted the Trends Forum on the Application of 5G/AIoT and smart electro-optics. This also meets the goals of the AI TAIWAN project implemented by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) to initiate future technology with smart electro-optics.

The forum assembled the distinguished guests from both academia and the industries in the regarding fields to discuss the development of the coming 5G era. 

Yung-Shun Chuang, Chair of AAEON Technology Inc., indicated that the 5th generation mobile network facilitates smart manufacturing which caters to a wider variety of the needs with its flexibility and high bandwidth memory. 

Lung-Chien Chen, Chair of Taipei Tech Electro-Optical Engineering presented his opinion on the Mini/Micro LED’s techniques, application, and the positive influences it can bring about. Its thinness, low power consumption, high luminance, longer longevity can fulfill more requirements in the microdisplay devices.

Hai-Han Lu, Lifetime Distinguished Professor of Taipei Tech Electro-optical Engineering, focused on the cost of building up fiber-optic communication in combination with 5G/6G. He indicated the costs of building 6G could be much lower than 5G for its more advanced hardware and fiber-optic communication system.

Ying-Yi Lin, Director of PIDA, highlighted the electro-optical techniques applied to the advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) of intelligent vehicles. The upgraded image sensors, he said, are able to more effectively assist self-driving, and even to improve road traffic safety.

Chiu-Hui Chiu, Chair of the MOST Academia-Industry Collaboration, and Jia-Hua Lee, Director of Taipei Tech IAIA, both kept promoting the academia-industry collaboration which can energize the capacity of research and development of the corporations so as to keep up with the global supply chain.  

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