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Model APEC SOM took place at Taipei Tech


The workshop for the Model APEC SOM (Senior Official’s Meeting) was co-hosted by the Ministry of Education and Taipei Tech on June 6, seeing over one hundred participants coming from different parts of Taiwan. The participants, mostly high school or university students, assembled for the engagement in the important global affairs regarding the activities and issues proposed by the member economies in the APEC HRDWG (Human Resources Development Working Group), and in the group discussion with other fellow students. 

With support from the Ministry of Education, Taipei Tech has become one of the major hosts for different projects under the APEC HRDWG and gained endorsements by many member economies. This year, work is extended to education for young adults, especially for students, to build an understanding of the international meetings and voice ideas to gain international approvals. 

The morning session invited the senior staff on APEC EDNET of the MOE and the senior researchers from the TIER to introduce the schemes of the APEC HRDWG and the issues it concerns. “Connecting people, and building the future”, for instance, is pivotal to the general objectives of the APEC in Chile 2019, and encompassing several priorities with regards to the realization of digital society, integration 4.0, sustainable growth, and women/SMEs/inclusive growth. 

The event culminated in the Model APEC SOM in the afternoon. The attending students were grouped in panels. As if it had been in a formal yearly meeting, each panel was representing one of the twenty-one member economies and had to present a designated topic with the priorities of the HRDWG included in. The presentations were then followed by comments and questions from the other panel economies, and, finally, seek endorsements to be qualified for the first prize – or the opportunities for full funding if in the real situation. The first prize was won by team Thailand, composed of Yan and Lee, the students from NCKU and Chihlee University of Technology, for earning the most endorsements with their organized and eloquent speech.

As a leading university on TVET, Taipei Tech is rich in educational resources and vibrant in human and science capacity. The Working Group to Internationalize Technological/Vocational Education in Taiwan and The Asia-Pacific Youth Innovation & Entrepreneurship Project of Taipei Tech, tasked by the MOE, are the major forces to put forth the untold achievements and efforts in the TVET and start-ups of Taiwan to the Asia Pacific. In the APEC Chile 2019, Taipei Tech’s project on TVET in 2018 even gained the verbal recognition from some of the member economies, which stated “worth praised as the most successful project.” The Model APEC SOM taking place at Taipei Tech this time gained a resounding success in both attracting much attention from the students interested in global issues, and nurturing future talents to air the rights in pursuit of regional growth.

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