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Taipei Tech to build a core laboratory with NAR Labs


The newly constructed Taipei Tech research building is about to complete within this year and will have accommodated a variety of the research centers which are also prepared in full swings. Taipei Tech and the Instrument Technology Research Center (ITRC) of National Applied Research Laboratories (NAR Labs) nailed down the co-operation of one of the research centers by sharing capable researchers and usable resources to enlarge the research capacities of both sides.

ITRC and Taipei Tech signed the agreement of the research collaboration on 13 Aug 2019. President Sea Fue Wang, Vice Presidents Yi Jun Jen and Thomas Yang from Taipei Tech, and President Yeong Her Wang, ITRC Dean Yao Joe Yang and Vice Dean Fong Zhi Chen from the NAR Labs attended the signing ceremony for the special moments. As one of the top TVET universities in Taiwan, Taipei Tech is more than qualified for the collaboration with ITRC, which has a distinguished professional team with the cutting-edge equipment for research.

Taipei Tech integrates and instills all the resources from academic and industries in different professional fields into its research and development. In line with Taipei Tech, ITRC is recognized as the only domestic research institute that provides foresighted services and hardware in all the professional fields across mathematics, engineering, agriculture, and medicine. ITRC has also been offering helps with building up the laboratories that conform to the ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF).

“Taipei Tech possesses a great capacity in the intelligent drive these years,” said Taipei Tech President Sea Fue Wang. He mentioned Professor Bo Chiuan Chen of Vehicle Engineering has signed the MOU with HAITEC, ACER, and Chimei Motor over the research and development of the intelligent drive, which will also undergo onboard testing at the Taiwan Car Lab of the NAR Labs. “The collaboration with the NAR Labs is expected to strengthen the research capacities of each other, and create more win-win situations in the future.” He said.

The NAR Labs President Yeong Her Wang noted that the partnership with Taipei Tech provides a promising start from the mutual employment of the outstanding researchers and the sharing of useful resources. NAR Labs has been serving as a platform for technology research & development and the big data application and analysis. “There are eight other research institutes subordinate to the NAR Labs specializing in different fields,” said Wang. “It indicates a lot of possibilities that allow broader research fields to be integrated into the future collaboration between Taipei Tech and us.”

The goal of the partnership between Taipei Tech and the NAR Labs is to build a high-class core laboratory that enlarges research production and further prospers the industries.

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