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Taipei Tech and UC To Roll Out Joint Engineering Dual-degree Program

John Weidner, Dean of the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Engineering and Applied Science, and his team visited Taipei Tech on September 19. During the visit, the two sides signed agreement of the implementation of the EUGINE (Elite Undergraduate to Graduate International Experience Program) joint dual-degree program.

Yang Shih-Hsuan, Provost of Taipei Tech, said that most of current dual-degree programs require undergraduate students to go abroad and take classes in the partner university in their junior or senior year. With EUGINE, Taipei Tech engineering students can complete six of the eighteen required credits from UC in Taiwan and go abroad and complete the remaining twelve credits at UC, effectively giving students more flexibility.

Students who want to participate in this program need to have English proficiency requirements of TOEFL-iBT 80, IELTS 6.0, or PERSON 47. Taipei Tech will offer programs to prepare students to reach the required English proficiency. In addition, students who are in this program must maintain a GPA of 3. 

Upon graduation, Taipei Tech students will also be able to apply for one-year training-oriented and two-year research-oriented master’s programs at UC. With recommendation letters from two faculty members, students with extraordinary research capability can also apply to enter the five-year PhD program at UC. With the exception of bio-medical programs, Taipei Tech students are also exempted from the GRE requirement. The six credits that Taipei Tech students have earned at Taipei Tech, together with six credits that students have earned from UC, will also be waived when they enter graduate programs in UC. 

Taipei Tech is the first higher vocational institute in Taiwan and has been an important force in providing training for Taiwan’s workforce for more than one hundred years. Taipei Tech is committed to establish partnership with world-renowned universities and to encourage students to participate in exchange programs to broaden their horizon. UC is the birthplace of the co-op education model in the US. With nearly two thousand cooperative companies, UC has been attracting outstanding students from all over the world every year. The career services at UC is also highly ranked among US universities.

UC and Taipei Tech started its partnership in 2018 with the establishment of International School of Smart Sensing Systems. With EUGINE, Taipei Tech aims to make an international education more accessible to its students.

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