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Guatemala VP Visited Taipei Tech, Expressed Interest in Forming Academic Partnership

Excmo. Sr. Dr. Jafeth Ernesto Cabrera Franco, Vice President of Guatemala, and his wife Excma. Sra. Genara Elizabeth Cortez de Cabrera visited Taipei Tech on October 9. They were received by Taipei Tech President Wang Sea-Fue. The two sides exchanged thoughts on future partnership.

In his speech, Cabrera said that there is currently no partnership between Taipei Tech and any university in Guatemala and expressed interest in a partnership in near future. Cabrera also visited Taipei Tech Arts & Cultural Center and was impressed with the colored glass sculptures and metal sculptures that were being exhibited. He also gave praise to Taipei Tech’s equal emphasis on engineering education and cultural education. Excmo. Sr. Emb. Willy Alberto Gomez Tirado, Guatemala ambassador to Taiwan, who had visited Taipei Tech earlier this year, accompanied the Vice President during the visit.

Wang of Taipei Tech indicated that there are hundreds of international students from fifty countries currently studying at Taipei Tech. They include five undergraduate and graduate students from Guatemala. Being one of the top technical universities in Taiwan, Taipei Tech provides quality education and rich academic resources, especially in fields such as mineral sciences and disaster prevention technology that fit the needs of Guatemala. Wang hopes Taipei Tech will reach partnerships with top universities in Guatemala in the near future, and the two sides can start research and student exchange programs.

Yang Shih-Hsuan, Provost of Taipei Tech, pointed out that Taipei Tech has previously offered subject-specific programs for the Gambia, Eswatini, and Saudi Arabia, including programs in petroleum technology, electrical engineering, urban planning, and civil engineering. Many of the graduates form these programs later hold key positions in government organizations and companies. 

Skarleth Michelle Cuevas de Paz, Taipei Tech business management student from Guatemala, said that the fact that many courses are taught in Chinese encourages her to learn the language and therefore appreciate the culture. “I am becoming more adjusted to the life in Taiwan, and I am very happy studying at Taipei Tech.”

Leon Aguilar Francisco Javier, Guatemalan student in Taipei Tech’s International Master Program in Financial Technology and Innovation Entrepreneur, has lived in Taiwan for six years. "I really like Taiwan's society and culture. I hope that after graduation, I can bring back what I have learned here, including the values and culture that Taiwan has to offer.”

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