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100 ways to interpret the concept of home


Wood, Craft, Home Exhibition, hosted by Taipei Tech industrial design, took place at Taipei Expo Park from 14 through 17 November. The exhibition features over 100 works from 8 brands and 33 universities, including the international partner institutions from Japan and the Czech Republic. The exhibition accentuates the exclusive texture, temperature, and odor of woods to convey a different image of homes.

Taipei Tech VP Yi-Jun Jen highlights the novelty of the exhibition this year. The works are integrated with digital and interactive technology for the audience to fully participate in the art. The featured works from abroad also lend the exhibition a larger scale in the definitions of homes, while the works of the local designers punctuate the phenomenal and familiar understanding of the theme.

“The main wall of the exhibition was designed by our Woodworking Center,” said Professor Tien-Li Chen, Curator of the exhibition and Director of Taipei Tech Woodworking Center. “The hexagonal installations – in combination with the common work “Wind Nest”, signify the ally institutions that strive for woodcraft education with us.”

Taipei Tech woodworking program is the only educational program in Taiwan that offers students training on wood-crafting and design. The program engages students with hands-on learning in a factory lab to prepare them with industry knowledge.

“Tortoise Table” and “Nest 3.0” are the designs of the students of the Taipei Tech woodworking program. “Tortoise Table” is made of pine and beech into a table that resembles a leaning tortoise, arousing the feelings of safety at home. “Nest 3.0”, made of white oak and beech, is a bowl-shaped chair that gives a warm embrace to a family who comes back exhausted at home.

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