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Taipei Tech and Clevo advance on what’s important in new retail


The retail industry is evolving around OMO (Offline-Merge-Online), and cultivating the applicable expertise, therefore, becomes pivotal for higher education institutions and enterprises. In October 2019, Taipei Tech and Clevo, the public computer manufacturer, signed an agreement on the collaboration of research and internship. Thomas Yang, VP of Taipei Tech, and Ming-Xien Tsai, Vice Chairman of Clevo and CEO of Buynow, attended the signing ceremony and talked on the plans.

The collaboration projects include research and internship. Researches focus on big data and foresighted technology analysis of Buynow, which is Clevo’s largest investment in China. Those aim at constructing a better OMO operation system extended in new retail. Currently, Buynow has built a 5G environment for its premises across the country and is likely to take a dominant position in new retail once the strategies of the OMO retail stores are readily developed.

Clevo is one of the earliest listed Taiwanese companies that invested in research and development of laptops and has grown into a major firm that has stood 20 computer malls in the big cities in China. 

Internship at Buynow Shanghai in Summer this year was the Clevo’s first collaborative project with Taipei Tech, where students from business management and interaction design joined its rebranding project. It included strategy making and implementing, the user interfaces for WeChat Mini Program, new media marketing, and the store renovation. 

Taipei Tech ranks fifth in per-faculty-member collaborative project monies granted among the universities in Taiwan, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Education. Nearly 200 corporations, including Clevo, have placed tremendous confidence in Taipei Tech’s research capacity.  

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