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1912 ~ 1944

1945 ~ 1947

1948 ~ 1980

1981 ~ 1996

1997 ~ 2012

After National Taipei Institute of Technology was renamed National Taipei University of Technology, with the irreplaceable memories strongly attached to the 86-year history of the school, the original school logo of a gear was preserved and transformed into a modernized logo that is more brisk and dynamic. The evolving gear symbolizes the onward development and bright future. Simple acronym (NTUT) is in clear-cut font.

2013 ~ present

Two half rings encircle “TAIPEI TECH”. The lower half of the ring is composed of green stripes symbolizing a revolving gear and sustainable development. The upper half of the ring that is in blue represents the color of technology, which stands for technological development. Joined together, the half rings convey the message that technological development thrives hand in hand with environmental preservation, and that the natural cycle evolves eternally. Taipei Tech is the pioneer in technological and vocational education, and it was established in the same year that the Republic of China was. For more than a century, the domain of education provided in Taipei Tech is science and engineering. Situated in Taipei city, Taipei Tech is indispensable as being committed to the development of technological education in Taipei. Accordingly, the name “TAIEPI TECH” is adopted.

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