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Graduate Programs


College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Automation Technology

The core and the research fields of GIAT are focused on intelligent Opto-electro-mechanical systems. These fields include the vision systems, intelligent systems and control techniques.

Energy and Refrigerating Air-conditioning Engineering

In addition to the studies of the three central technologies, renewable energy and the conception of environment protection are also concerned as the main instructional goals.

Manufacturing Technology (MS/PhD)

The Graduate Institute of Manufacturing Technology (GIMT) recruits Master students who major in the area of advanced manufacturing technologies, and concurrently hold positions in the industry. This graduate program has been nurturing outstanding vehicle engineers and independent researchers.

Doctoral Program of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

To cultivate Ph.D. level advanced research specialists in the areas of mechanical, electrical, electronic, vehicle, refrigeration and air conditioning, and computer engineering.

Mechatronic Engineering

To educate students with integrated multidisciplinary engineering knowledge including

Vehicle Engineering

For the convenience and safety of human beings, research will focus on structural technology, intelligent system, and power generation of vehicles. Also, future development of transportation is included in this course.

International Graduate Program in CMEE(PhD)

The International Graduate Program in CMEE is designed specifically for international students. The program aims to provide vocational and academic development in the fields of Mechatronic, Manufacturing, Energy, Refrigeration, Automation and Vehicle Engineering.

International Master Program in Mechanical and Automation Engineering

This program offers an opportunity for international students to take courses from the fields of Mechatronic Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, Automation Technology, and Intelligent Automation Engineering. This program allows budding engineers an opportunity to explore multiple fields of engineering during completion of the degree.

International Master Program in Energy Refrigerating, Air Conditioning & Vehicle Engineering



College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Electrical Engineering (MS/PhD)

Being one of the oldest department in Taipei Tech, department of electrical engineering strives to cultivate outstanding talent in different fields, including power and energy, power electronics, control systems, communications, and computer systems.

Electronic engineering (MS/PhD)

This program focuses on the integration of computer and communication technologies. It is oriented toward the development of practical technologies to meet the needs of the industrial specialists in computer and communication engineering.

Computer Science and Information Engineering (MS/PhD)

The program offers a wide spectrum of current computer science and information technologies, emphasizing both theory and practice. After completion, the students will be ready for significant computer-related careers and for further graduate study.

Electro-Optical Engineering(MS/PhD)

The research focus on four main fields: optical communications, optical engineering, flat panel display, and optoelectronic material and devices. The application includes optical fiber network, pulse lasers, LED, and solar battery.

International Graduate Program in EECS

This program is designed specifically for preparing international students for opportunities of working in the global ICT industry. The program focuses on Communications, Control, and Signal Processing, emphasizing both theory and practice.


College of Engineering

Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering

The focused areas include gene engineering, protein engineering, microbiology industry, enzyme engineering, biomaterials, tissue engineering, biomedical engineering, etc.

Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (MS/PhD)

Cooperating with industries, department of chemical engineering provides professional techniques and various laboratories to make students apply their skills in the field of making chemical products and discovering new energy resources.

Civil Engineering (MS/PhD)

Professional knowledge and techniques will focus on planning, investigation, drafting, design, construction, examination, and maintenance. The main goal stresses in disaster prevention and sustainable development.

Environmental Engineering & Management (MS/PhD)

Environmental efficiency, including the balance between development and environment, level of sanitation, prevention of pollution, and recycling of water resources, is the instructional emphasis.

Materials Science and Engineering (MS/PhD)

The main research fields concentrate on the composition, microstructure, processing, and property designs of metals, ceramics, and their composites. The main applications of these materials include opto-electronics, nanomaterials, biomaterials, energy, and conventional structural materials.

Mineral Resources Engineering (MS/PhD)

The basic conception is to realize the composition of human resources, comprising metals, water, and minerals. The department also looks forward to advanced improvement in geology, source, and mineral development.

Molecular Science & Organic Polymeric Materials Engineering (MS/PhD)

To be in sync with the development of advanced technology, the department emphasizes polymeric technique and fiber manufacture, and researches of the application of electric, aerospace science, and biomedicine organic materials.

International Graduate Program in Energy and Optoelectronic Materials Program (PhD)

This program aims to cultivate the talents with a solid fundamental knowledge of photoelectric materials, energy storage materials, bioelectric materials battery materials, photoelectric energy conversion and energy storage materials with cross-disciplinary technologies and related applications.


College of Management

Business Management

In the course you will learn how to cover finance, accounting, marketing, human resource management, and business and administrative studies with the focus on how organizations operate - what they do, their styles of management and their business strategies.

Executive Master Program in Business Administration (EMBA)

The EMBA class is designed for business executives as a back to school education alternative, providing both academic and practical learning platform with extensive practical experience.

Industrial Engineering & Business Management (MA/PhD)

Based on the features of Information, Innovation, Intelligence, Integration, and Internationalization, students will be trained in the field of manufacture and supply chain management, e-business, and decision making.

Information and Finance Management

This program aims to nurture talents who have both IT and financial management expertise.

Doctoral Program in Management

The program integrates theory with practice to cultivate advanced academic and research talents with independent research ability and practical expertise in the field of international business administration.

International Master Program in Business Administration (IMBA)

This is an English taught International MBA program and is especially designed for international student. Our IMBA program is to equip students with business management skills supported by a global perspective, particularly in response to the trend towards integrated manufacturing and commerce.


College of Design


This course guides the student into the world of architectural studies and design. The Student will learn a great deal of theory as well as design fundamentals.

Industrial Design

In the industrial design program, you will take courses from a variety of fields including courses in art, art history, drawing, design, engineering, ergonomics and modeling.

Interaction Design

Applying in the field of art, advertisement, and entertainment, the department looks forward to better design of interaction between user and product, like improving user interface and adding innovative values.

Doctoral Program in Design

This program takes various fields of design into account and aims to cultivate “creation generators”, namely students who specialize in their professional development such as product design, furniture design, interior design, architecture and landscape design, community and urban space planning, and digital interaction design, based on personal interests and research area through diverse courses.

International Program of Interaction Design and Innovation

We offer the newest interactive technology development plan, motivating students to combine virtual integration, software and hardware integration, and to gain design and programming abilities.


College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Students in the English department take a mixture of writing, speaking, literature, cultural studies, translation, and linguistics courses in order to cultivate their critical thinking, gain international perspectives, and communicate professionally and effectively in English. Students from this program can use their skills in various careers, including international business, journalism, education, civil service, cultural vocations, or further graduate study.

Intellectual Property

Since illegal copies have been rampant these years, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of intellectual property. With practical training of technology, management, and legislation, talents will devote their specialty to all industries.

Technological & Vocational Education

Due to the popularization of education, the demand of instructor has been largely requested, especially for vocational education. Further applications will be the field of instruction and administration, digital learning, and human resources.

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