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Campus Life

Taipei Tech is located at the prosperous City of Taipei. Transportation is convenient for Taipei Tech students for our campus is close to a MRT station and several bus stops. It is easy to get around by public transportation system.

Taipei Tech has been the home to hundreds of international students. It is our goal to make sure that every one of them is taken good care of. You can learn more about useful Housing and Health & Insurance information online.

We have an active and vibrant student community at Taipei Tech. The school has a main student union that voices concerns of the students, and each department has its own student association that hosts freshman welcoming and networking events. In addition to these student associations, clubs are an integral part of student life here at Taipei Tech.

Established in 1912, Taipei Tech has many unique attractions on campus. Discover them one by one and find a favorite spot of your own.

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