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Regulations for Management of Students’ Dormitory of National Taipei University of Technology

  • Article1.
    To manage and maintain a good living environment and the neatness of students' dormitory, so as to ensure the security of student’s daily life, hence prescribe this regulation.
  • Article2.
    Students need to complete the approval of application procedure and pay the fee in order to live in the dormitory. The school will appoint rooms and beds for each student.
  • Article3.
    In dormitory, every night the main gate will be locked from 12a.m. to 6a.m. Please remain quiet inside the dormitory so that others will not be disturbed. If there is a need to go out during this time, please go to the conservator office to make a record.
  • Article4.
    During the time when the main gate is closed, one has to use an IC card to enter. Using the student ID and “application for going out” record, those going out or returning need to ask the conservator to open and close the door for them. When going out and coming back times accumulate to 7, the school will inform the parents of the students.
  • Article5.
    The dormitory conservator, student autonomy president, floor commissioners, section commissioners, and room commissioners have the responsibility to assist the students living in the dorm to follow school rules. Students living in the dorm should also accept the instructions modestly.
  • Article6.
    Motorcycles and bicycles are prohibited to park within or near the dormitory. They should be parked at the appointed parking spots.
  • Article7.
    The room should be kept clean at all times. Roommates are required to take turns cleaning the room and public spaces every day. Each floor and section should be cleaned at least once a month. Posters and banners (including those concerning elections) which are not relevant with school work are prohibited.
  • Article8.
    Do not leave trash inside the room or toss out the window. Do not leave items on the corridors to prevent the environment from being dirty and messy.
  • Article9.
    Do not hang clothes, shoes, etc. For drying inside the room. Especially do not hang clothes outside the window since it blocks peoples’ view.
  • Article10.
    When going into the cafeteria for meals, students need to be aware of their clothing. Students cannot wear sandals, slippers or be bared-back in the cafeteria.
  • Article11.
    Please be careful while using the water fountain. The hot water provided by the water fountain is for drinking only. It cannot be used for washing faces, bathing, or washing clothes. Furthermore, do not pour dirty water or things in the water fountain to prevent the pipes from being clogged.
  • Article12.
    It is not allowed to keep pets in the dormitory.
  • Article13.
    It is prohibited to play instruments, loud music, and clatter loudly in the dormitory as not to affect others studying or sleeping
  • Article14.
    No climbing enclosure, window, balcony, and standpipe. Do not stop and stay at the highest roof, excepting emergency.
  • Article15.
    For the safety of using electricity, besides walkman, battery charger, electric razor, hair dryers, and personal computer in the dorm, students may not use other electric appliances. For exceptional state, you may go to student affair department to apply for using other electric appliances.
  • Article16.
    Students who live in the dorm should take responsible for public properties. If public properties are ruined or lost, students should compensate for the price. Besides, nobody admits he/she should compensate for it, students who live this district compensate for it.
  • Article17.
    Students are not allowed to transfer the qualification of living in the dorm to another person or to change bed. Students may not take unauthorized person into the dorm; furthermore, when moving out the dorm with specific factors, one should obey the rules to transact.
  • Article18.
    When the dorm is sealed, students cannot tear up the strip of paper or get into the dorm.
  • Article19.
    During summer and winter vacation, students who don’t live in the dorm may not apply for room. Besides, for safety, authorized students should live in registered district and may not reject or delay to move out; violator is going to be canceled the authorization.
  • Article20.
    Outsiders may not stay overnight. The opposite sex relatives and unauthorized person may not enter dorm. (Visitors of female in-campus residents should stay at reception district at first floor. Visitors of male in-campus residents should register and leave credentials to management and management should take their company to go to the district where their friend or relative live in. Visitors should leave the dorm before 10 P.M.)
  • Article21.
    Fighting, drinking wine, drug abuse, playing card, mahjong, and Chinese chess and using any appliance for gamble are forbidden.
  • Article22.
    Forbidding taking contrabands, inflammables, advertisements into dorm. School management may inaugurate nonscheduled inspection when necessary.
  • Article23.
    Forbidding touch or play with firefighting equipment.
  • Article24.
    One should taking care and responsible for his/her personal properties.
  • Article25.
    The priority of applying for dormitory: (Excluding rule 27)
    • Possessing low income certificate rural hall issues.
    • Possessing disability manual rural hall issues.
    • Living abroad and foreign students.
    • Dormitory committee cadre members (Every department has only two people available); dormitory committee cadre members transcending and including division manager perform good. (Every department has only two people available); cadre members transcending and including division manager perform good and people are examined to do investigation.
    • General students (freshmen).
    • General students.
    • On-job students (a candidate for doctor's degree).
  • Article26.
    Those who meet one of the following circumstances are not allowed to apply for dormitory:
    • Postponing graduation.
    • Being probation.
    • Ever being expelled from dorm.
    • Senior, master and doctor at second year or much more than two years (student qualified to rule 25’s item 1to 4 is not limited by this one).
    • Further education department, Industry Research Master’s Degree Program, On-job Master Degree program
  • Article27.
    Inarguable area (residence):
    • Taipei city, all boroughs.
    • Taipei county, all area.
    • Keelung city.
    • Taoyuan county, eight specific towns.
  • Article28.
    Application status will be canceled according to the dirtiness of the room and the duty area or to the violation (be determined to be severe circumstances) of the dormitory regulations.
  • Article29.
    In-campus residents shall attend the fire fighting exercise and any other precaution or preparedness against natural calamities. Absence without rational reasons shall be liable to move out.
  • Article30.
    In case of any comments can be posted on the website of students’ dormitory autonomous committee or that of college life and guidance section or be proposed directly to the cadre members of students’ dormitory or to the students’ dormitory autonomous committee.(an anonymous message will not be processed)
  • Article31.
    In-campus residents who leave the school (graduation, transfer, temporary suspension, expulsion, lose the status as student, etc) or are liable to move out shall move out within one week. Those who fail to move out by the deadline pursuant to this regulation shall be referred for compulsory enforcement by the competent authority in conjunction with the cadre members of students’ dormitory autonomous committee and any relevant authorized units.
  • Article32.
    Students who receive the approbation for lodging shall be compelled to move out and shall be canceled the application status for remaining semesters according to the verification of not paying dormitory fees within the fixed time.
  • Article33.
    Regulations for application for discount of dormitory fee during summer or winter vacation are formulated separately.
  • Article34.
    The entire dorm is Non Smoking only (except for smoking area); anyone who breaks the law will be punished according to the Tabacco Hazards Prevention Act.
  • Article35.
    All dorm residents should not litter and should execute garbage classification strictly.
  • Article36.
    Non-residents are not allowed to enter the dorm before approbation.
  • Article37.
    (Those who violate Article 5 to Article 13 shall be given a warning. Recidivist shall be given more severe punishments)
    (Those who violate Article 14 to Article 19, Article 34 to 35 shall be recorded a demerit; and repeated offender shall be requested to move out the dorm as punishment.)
    (Those who violate Article 2, Article 20 to Article 23 shall be punished for major demerits, and repeated offender shall be requested to move out the dorm as punishment.)
    (Those who violate Article 19, Article 29 and Article 32 shall be requested to move out the dorm as punishment.)
  • Article38.
    The regulation shall be effective as of the date of resolution and promulgation by council of Student Affairs. Amendments on the regulation shall undergo the same procedures.
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