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Regulations for Management of Students’ Dormitory of National Taipei University of Technology

  • Article1.
    This Regulation is established to manage and maintain a good living environment and cleanliness of the student dormitory effectively, also to ensure safety of daily life.
  • Article2.

    The priorities of the students who are qualified to apply for the dormitory are as follows: (Students’ Permanent Address should not be located in the area defined by Article 4):

    1. Students with Certificate of low-income household issued by Township, Town, Borough or District office.
    2. Students with Certificate of physical or mental disability certification issued by Township, Town, Borough or District office, or period efficient certificate issued by Ministry of Education or Committee Responsible for Identification and Placement of Gifted and Disabled Students of municipality and county (city).
    3. Current officers of student dormitory committee, and chairman, vice chairman, male main officer, male vice officer, female main officer, female vice officer and graduate school area manager who just resigned from student dormitory committee and had served well.
    4. Overseas first-year students.
    5. The first, second and third-year students of five-year junior college program, the first-year students of university, graduate school and Ph.D.
    6. Transfer students of day school or students who applied for special circumstances.
    7. Others.
  • Article3.

    Students with any of the following circumstances should not apply for the dormitory:

    1. Students who study for makeup credit (deferral credit).
    2. Students who have been expelled from the dormitory or committed serious violation of regulations.
    3. Students who are fifth-year students of five-year junior college program, fourth-year of university, second-year and above of graduate school and third-year and above of Ph.D. (except those with priorities of (1) to (4) of Article 2).
    4. Students in continuing education, school of continuing education, industry master’s programs, and in-service master’s program, except those in special programs or with special personal circumstances.
  • Article4.

    The dormitory is not provided to the students who live in following areas:
    (Based on students’ permanent address.)

    1. Any administrative district of Taipei City.
    2. Any administrative district of New Taipei City (except Shimen District, Pingxi District, Shuanxi District, Gongliao District, Pingling District and Wulai District).
    3. Keelung City, except students of five-year junior college program.
    4. Gueishan District, Luchu District, Taoyuan District, Chungli District, Dayuan District, Bade District and Pingzhen District of Taoyuan City, except students of five-year junior college program.
  • Article5.
    The fees of student dormitory will be charged and refunded in accordance with “Guidelines for Student Dormitory Fees Charge and Refund” and “Deposit Rules of the Accommodation Fee”.
  • Article6.

    Students should file application for the dormitory. After the application is approved, students should complete the payment and check in into the designated room and bed. The University reserves the right to adjust the rooms and beds. The procedures of application are as follows:

    1. Registering or drawing lots.
    2. Handing in the dormitory application form.
    3. Completing the payment of the dormitory (included deposit).
    4. Students who completed (1) to (3) before the deadline should move into the dormitory with receipt. Only students who have special circumstances and get approval by Office of Student Affairs may move into the dormitory in advance, and then complete (1) to (3).
  • Article7.
    Dormitory residents can not apply for check-out after applying for the dormitory, been checked as qualified and been approved, except the residents who suspend, drop out, transfer, from school or have other special reasons.
  • Article8.
    If any dormitory resident leaves the University due to any reason (graduate, transfer, suspend, drop-out from school, or expulsion and etc.) or is expelled from the dormitory, the resident should leave the dormitory in one week. Otherwise, the resident would be forced to move out by the members of the student dormitory committee and relevant organizations.
  • Article9.
    Dormitory residents should keep the valuable property properly, and be responsible for any loss.
  • Article10.
    Dormitory residents access the dormitory with student ID card. If the number of times of returning to the dormitory is abnormal, the class supervisor, military instructor of the department, and parents will be notified.
  • Article11.
    Dormitory residents may give suggestions to the members of the student dormitory committee directly or submit suggestions to the website of the Life Guidance Division of the Office of Student Affairs. Residents may also give suggestions through any officers of the student dormitory or the student dormitory committee to the University for reference or solution. (Anonymous suggestions will be left unattended.)
  • Article12.
    The student dormitory supervisors, officers of student dormitory committee, male main officer, male vice officer, female main officer, female vice officer, floor manager and area manager should assist dormitory residents to follow the school rules. Dormitory residents should follow the guidance of these officers.
  • Article13.
    Do not romping around, talking loudly, or disturbing others’ routine in any way.
  • Article14.
    Parking motorcycles and bikes in dormitory area is strictly prohibited. Dormitory residents should park motorcycles and bikes in the exclusive parking area.
  • Article15.
    Dormitory residents should clean public area of the dormitory in turns. Rooms should be kept clean. In order to keep the dormitory clean, there would be a spring cleaning in the beginning and end of every semester.
  • Article16.
    Do not pile garbage up inside the bedroom, or throw garbage out of the window. In order to prevent from mess and obstruction of escape trunk, do not put things in the public area of the dormitory.
  • Article17.
    In order to prevent the dormitory from being unsightly, do not hang up any clothing, shoes, or socks inside the bedrooms, especially outside of the windows.
  • Article18.
    Dormitory residents should beware of clothing and appearance when entering the off-campus dormitory and having (or purchasing) meals in the cafeteria.
  • Article19.
    Dormitory residents who live in off-campus dormitory should not enter any areas which are not rented by the University.
  • Article20.
    Be careful when using the water coolers. Hot water from the water cooler should only be used for drinking, not be used for face washing, showering, or washing objects. In order to prevent water pipes from being clogged, do not dump filth on the water coolers.
  • Article21.
    Keeping animals in the dormitory is strictly prohibited. Do not do any behavior of violating public health.
  • Article22.
    The freshmen of dormitory residents should attend “dormitory disaster prevention drill”. The residents who have the unexcused absence would be punished in accordance with the school rules, and then should attend the drill other times.
  • Article23.
    When epidemic diseases occur, dormitory residents who may be suspected cases or visited the same places as confirmed cases should adopt disease control measures in accordance with Communicable Disease Control Act or disease control regulations of the University.
  • Article24.
    Do not do any dangerous behavior such as going up to or staying at the top floor, or, climbing over the walls, windows, balconies, flower stands, or water towers, unless there is an emergency situation or dormitory supervisors agree to do above actions.
  • Article25.
    In order to maintain electrical safety, do not use any energy-intensive products, except electricity charger, electric shaver, hair dryer, and personal computer.
  • Article26.
    Dormitory residents are responsible for the dormitory facilities. Do not change or damage any dormitory facilities, and do not install any equipment privately. Dormitory residents should pay for all the damages or losses caused by misconduct.
  • Article27.
    Dormitory residents should not let non-residents use beds or exchange beds with other residents privately. If any dormitory resident needs to move out for special reasons, resident should complete the procedures in accordance with regulations and then move out.
  • Article28.
    It is prohibited to use any open flame or cook with any electrical appliances.
  • Article29.
    It is prohibited to play physical Mahjong.
  • Article30.
    The dormitory is a non-smoking place (included electronic cigarette). Dormitory residents who against this Article would be punished in accordance with Tobacco Hazard Prevention Act.
  • Article31.
    Dormitory residents should follow the Keep Trash Off the Ground Policy, and sort garbage exactly.
  • Article32.
    Dormitory residents should not let non-residents stay overnight, and bring any friends or family members of opposite sex or non-resident into the dormitory area. (Visiting should only be held at the meeting area of first floor, and visitors should leave before 22:00.)
  • Article33.
    Non-residents are not allowed to enter the dormitory without approval.
  • Article34.
    Dormitory residents should not enter the rooms sealed by the University or remove the seal privately.
  • Article35.
    Dormitory residents should not behave against morals such as fighting, drinking alcohol, using drug (including glue), having drug abuse or gambling.
  • Article36.
    Dormitory residents should not bring any prohibited articles or inflammable objects into the dormitory. The University may execute irregular safety inspections.
  • Article37.
    Do not touch or use any fire-fighting equipment or emergency equipment, unless there is an emergency situation.
  • Article38.
    The dormitory resident who checked in with approval, but was found not paying the dormitory fee initiatively should pay before deadline.
  • Article39.
    For the dormitory safety, Dormitory residents who have been approved by the University to stay in the dormitory during winter and summer vacations should stay in the assigned dormitory. The residents should not refuse or delay moving with any excuses.
  • Article40.

    Dormitory residents with following circumstances would be disqualified from living in the dormitory:

    1. Dormitory residents who fail to keep bedroom clean or commit serious violation of regulations.
    2. The freshmen have not finished the physical examination one month after the semester begins.
  • Article41.
    Dormitory residents who violate Article 12 to Article 22 shall be given warning or higher sanctions. Punishment to recidivists shall be increased.
    Dormitory residents who violate disease control regulations such as Article 23 shall be given demerits or higher sanctions, and expelled from the dormitory by circumstances.
    Dormitory residents who violate Article 24 to Article 31 shall be given demerits or higher sanctions. Recidivists shall be expelled from the dormitory.
    Dormitory residents who violate Article 32 to Article 34 shall be given demerits or higher sanctions, and expelled from the dormitory.
    Dormitory residents who violate Article 35 to Article 37 shall be given major demerits or higher sanctions, and expelled from the dormitory. Dormitory residents who violate Article 38 to Article 40 shall be expelled from the dormitory.
  • Article42.
    The Regulation shall be practiced after approved in Student Affairs Meeting. The same procedure applies for future amendments.
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