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Detailed Rules and Regulations of Campus Life Guidance

Amended Adoption by Student Affairs Conference on June 29th of 2001
Revised Adoption by Student Affair on June 27th of 2006

A. The campus life guidelines for the students of the School are mutually attended by the Section of College Life Guidance of Student Affairs and the professors of the classes or directors of each department, together with the military training instructors, in accordance with the actual demands of the School on the students’ campus life counseling affairs.

B. General Rules of campus life guidance:

  • Manners: Shall respect ones manners to teachers and classmates whether on or off campus.
  • Orders: Shall be respectful of orders and remain quiet during all sorts of gathering activities, and obey all rules of assemblies.
  • Apparel: Students are disallowed to dress in outlandish clothes and sandals (thongs and slippers) in the School, focus will be on clean dress, simple, modest, and youthful, that are easy to tidy up and in accordance with being identified as a student, keep clean and neat.
  • Outside of Campus: Students shall pay attention to their clothing, apparel, and manners especially when they step outside of campus and show respect to public place orders.
  • Dining: Students shall obey the regulations of the Principle of the People’s Livelihood while dining in the School’s restaurant.

Regulations for a Leave of Absence:

  • If the circumstances of classes or assemblages are such that students need a leave of absence for personal leave, sick leave, official leave, and special conditions of leave for wedding, funeral, examination, or enrollment, they must follow the Regulations.
  • Students ask for a leave of absence and receive permission to be excused from his/her military training instructor, after authorized, shall deliver to the undertaker of Section of College Life Guidance for arrangement, and then take back the receipt for student.
  • Authority limits for students asking for a leave of absence are listed below:
    • Leave of absence for within one day, approvable by the professor of the class (or military training instructor if the professor of the class isn’t available).
    • Leave of absence for within three days, approvable by the director of Section of College Life Guidance.
    • Leave of absence for more than four days, approvable by the director of Student Affairs.
    • If there are special conditions for leave of absence, these shall be presented to the principle for approval.
  • If asking for a leave of absence during examinations due to sickness, the student shall present the certificate draw by the hospital.
  • Asking for any leave of absences shall be applied for in advance, and bring into effect once approved. If due to severe illness or special reasons, that the student is unable to apply in advance, then the student or his/her parents shall present the related papers for the procedures of the leave of absence, or the explanation by the registered letter (or via fax), to his/her instructor of the class or the military training instructor within three days of his/her personal (sick) leave; otherwise, other leave of absences will be treated as truancy and forbidden from the afterward-excuse procedure.
  • When asking for personal leave, the behavior performance score will be deducted 0.1 points from each class; leave for more than two days must present the certificates of parents or events. When ask for sick leave, the behavior performance score will be deducted 0.1 points of every two classes, moreover the student must present the certificate by the hospital, or explain the status of illness in person; otherwise the leave won’t be approved.
  • The behavior performance score won’t be deducted when asking for official leave, but it only limits as the circumstances that the student “must take care personally”, those circumstances like physical examination for military service, participants of national (nowadays the entire Taiwan island, Taipei and Kaohsiung cities) games, skills competitions, and the important activities that are required by the School for participation etc. An individual asking for official leave shall fill in the normal excuse form, the group more than two people shall use “official excuse”; and then both shall present the related certificates for procedures.
  • Due to the student’s wedding, or the funeral of the direct relative or the spouse, that the students ask for leave of absence, the students shall present the related papers, and once approved by the authority will not deduct the behavior performance score from the student, but the leave period is limited to two weeks only.
    A student asking for birth leave due to her giving birth, then the student shall present the papers certificated by the specific hospital or clinic that are qualified by the Bureau of National Health Insurance. Before giving birth offers eight days off, and allowed to apply in partial, however are disallowed for use after giving birth; after giving birth offers eight weeks off.
  • Due to severe illness or special events that the student needs to ask for the “examination leave” during the mid and end of academic examinations, the student must present the papers proved by the emergency room or the in-patient department of the hospital, or the student must immediately present the event proof in person on time. The student or his/her representative must fill in the specific excuse form when asking for examination leave, and first have it approved and signed by his/her instructor of the class, the military training instructor, and the director of the Department, then present this excuse form to the Office of Academic Affairs for approval, and to the Student Affairs following the procedures for the authority of the principle. If the excuse not authorized, the student is disallowed for the make-up exam. The deduction of the behavior performance score is same as other leave of absences.
  • Due to the severe illness or accidents that the student is unable to enroll on the required date, the student shall present the related papers for applying the leave of absence procedure in advance. The application for postponing enrollment of the above-mentioned has a period which is limited to two weeks since the date of enrollment, once the period is finished and the student hasn’t completed the enrollment process, and didn’t apply for the temporary suspension, in these circumstances that the student will be dropped out.
  • If the student doesn’t complete the enrollment process by the required date for no reason, all the courses he/she studied before the enrollment process was completed will be calculated as truant.
  • All the papers and personal explanations that the student attaches for the leave of the absence that must be true; if any faking or untrue matters made up by the student, besides the refusal of the excuse, the student will also face the penalty accordingly.
  • Due to matters I which the student needs to extend his/her leave, the student shall process the extending procedures before the end of the original leaves he/she applied, otherwise will be calculated as the absence for no reason.
  • If the hours of truancy reach 45 hours in the one academic period, the student will be forced to leave the school. If in one entire academic period there are no truancy or absence records, there is a non-leave reward, the behavior performance score of the student will be increased by three points.

Regulations of Weekly Assemblage:

  • The weekly assembly is held at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall or other assembly fields at the required time.
  • The monitor of the class shall lead the students to their seats in accordance to the assigned location, and complete the seating ten minutes before the assembly; once the weekly assembly begins there is no entry allowed.
  • Forbidden to talk, eat or sleep, once inside the assembly hall.
  • Shall sing loud with everyone while singing for National Anthem and the School Anthem.
  • Absence of the weekly assemblage for no reason will be punished by one hour truancy and one admonition.
  • Pay attention to the instructions of the emcee or on-duty military training instructor once seated.
  • Students shall listen carefully and keep the orders while teachers or guests are speaking.

Regulations of Lost and Found:

  • If there are any lost articles in the School, the student shall immediately report to the Section of College Life Guidance of Student Affairs for the assistant to start searching.
  • The student which finds the lost article(s) shall deliver the article he/she found to the Section of College Life Guidance of Student Affairs, and the founder will be awarded depending on the matters; but if the founder keeps or holds the lost article(s) and is found out by the School, he/she will receive punishment.

Regulations of Class:

  • Shall remain clean and quiet in class, and no garbage allowed in class.
  • Once the class bell rings, students shall enter to the class and seat in order, and self-study before the professor comes, shall not show disorder or talk loudly; meanwhile the monitor of class shall contact the professor.
  • If teachers ask a student questions, the student shall stand up and answer the question; if students have any questions, they shall wait until after the professor finishes, or the end of a phase, then they can raise a hand for questioning.
  • If any special matters that need to leave during class, the student must ask for the approval of teachers first.
  • Student shall concentrate in class, and is forbidden from reading any extracurricular, magazines, books, or newspapers etc., nor eating or sleeping, or any other activities that are not related with the course.
  • Forbidden are all forms of smoking or gambling in the class.
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