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Research Overview

We value both research and craftsmanship here at Taipei Tech. In addition to investigating new challenges, our researchers emphasize developing complete solutions to meet these challenges. We provide a supportive research environment and encourage researchers from our various research centers, labs, and faculties to work across disciplines to solve problems that the world is currently facing. Taipei Tech is a strong research partner to many industries and businesses in Taiwan, providing numerous technology transfers each year and having co-established several research and incubation centers.

Taipei Tech also has an array of offices and institutes that support our relentless pursuit of visionary research. Our Office of Research & Development continuously promotes the research of innovative technologies and advances the development in key research areas. Our Industry Liaison Office displays the rich intellectual and research resources of Taipei Tech to the industry, establishes academic partnerships, and promotes relevant events around the globe. The newly established Frontier Institute of Research for Science and Technology (FIRST) focuses on a variety of advantageous technical strengths and areas following future trend. It also aims to establish research ties with world-class prestigious research partners to integrate practical experience in the industry and form the world’s top R&D industry-academic cluster.

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