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Students’ XR Project Actualities Won the 2023 ACM SIGGRAPH Best in Show Award

The XR (Extended Reality) project Actualities, built by students from the Department of Interactive Design, won the Best in Show Award in the Immersive Pavilion section of 2023 ACM SIGGRAPH. Actualities transported the performance of a live band into the metaverse for audiences to interact with onsite and online. The Taipei Tech team was the only international participant that won an award in this section.

Assistant Professor Han Ping-Hsuan, together with students Lin Ke-Fan, Chou Yu-Chih, Weng Yu-Hsiang, and Lim Zin-Yin, took a year to finish the project. Actualities is a seamless live performance platform that serves on-site and online audiences synchronously, allowing the two kinds of audiences to interact with each other virtually in the metaverse. Both on-site audiences and participants joining virtually through devices are transported into a common virtual reality and become part of the live performance. Their participation can also influence the visuals showing in the virtual reality.

By utilizing various sensors, Actualities captured signals from a live performance venue and digitalize them as virtual elements. For example, the music notes from guitars become flowers and butterflies, and cajón beats become fireworks in the virtual reality. In the SIGGRAPH demonstration, the visual content is projected onto a screen while being simultaneously livestreamed online. People can join this concert virtually through their phone or VR headset. This allows for a metaverse concert that provides engaging experience for all participants.

In SIGGRAPH 2023, Actualities drew international visitors to participate in the live band performance. The jury highly praised the sophisticated interactivity and the ease to participate. The design fully shows the concept of immersive technology and the creative potential of such technology.

Dr. Han, adviser to the project, indicated that the design of Actualities originated from a collaboration with manufacturers last year. His XR Lab was responsible for developing the software kits for music visualization. His team then added the capability of streaming media and worked with Good Band to produce Actualities. “Our team would like to build a brand-new experience for onsite and online audiences to together participate in a live performance. The final metaverse concert is very much like an interlaced parallel universe.” Good Band has applied this technology earlier this year in their performance. The XR Lab team also demonstrated this technology in the 2023 VGW (Vision get Wild) exhibition.

SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques) is an annual conference centered around computer graphics and interactive techniques since 1974. This indicative worldwide exhibition was held in Los Angeles USA this year. Thousands of visitors from 78 countries in both industry and academic areas shared their innovative research, exceptional pieces, and thoughtful inputs during the meeting.
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