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2019 Taipei Tech Career Expo sees over 16,000 job opportunities

Taipei Tech Career Expo took place on 20 March 2019. In collaboration with the Workforce Development Agency of the Ministry of Labor, Taipei Tech Career Expo successfully appealed to more recruiters and opportunities they bring in this year. This was also the first time for Taipei Tech Career Expo to host an on-site job fair and online job-matching platform through 1111 Job Bank, which in total provided 16,000 well-paying offers for the graduating students and job seekers. 

There are nearly 150 companies registered as the on-site recruiters, including a number of domestically and internationally renowned enterprises like TSMC, DELTA, Everlight Electronics, Amazon, Super Micro, Enercon, Wipro, Taiko Motors, Tokyo Electron, and UL.

Some recruitment orientations, following the Career Expo, would also be taking place during 20-29 March 2019. It included the leading companies of electro-optics, motors, mechanical engineering, information technology and motors like Largan Precision, Quanta Computer, Hotai Motor, NISSAN, PIXNET, YAMAHA, and Schneider Electric.

Further, Taipei Tech IMF students designed an online job-matching system for the Career Expo, not only to reduce the paper usage but also to provide a platform for the two-way instant communication between recruiters and job seekers with personal information strictly safeguarded.

“Every Taipei Tech students is almost ready for what the job market needs since they have already been equipped with the hands-on techniques in the distinct domains through the required internships,” said Chao-Chin Su, Dean of Taipei Tech Research and Development Office. 

A survey conducted by Cheers in February 2019 further indicated that Taipei Tech distinguished itself from all the other TVET universities in terms of the graduates’ professional knowledge and techniques, stress resistance and teamwork. The graduate survey also shows Taipei Tech undergraduate’s degree holders are higher-paid at an average of NTD 35K per month, master’s at NTD 40K-43K, and Ph.D. at NTD 60K-65K.

The core value of the Career Expo, where the recruiters and the job seekers assemble, is to facilitate employment. In particular, the Expo provides the outstanding Taipei Tech students with the opportunities to expose themselves to the big companies or their ideal ones; and in reverse, it enables the companies, whether big or small, to meet capable people who might be making a huge profit for them in the future. 

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