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Campus Map

Main Entrance

Side Entrance

1.Dept. of Electro-Optical Engineering

2.Sun Yat-Sen Memorial hall (Environmental Engineering)

3.Dept. of Civil Engineering

4.Dept. of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering

5.Design Building

6.Hong-Yue technology Research Building / 7.Sixth Academic Building

8.First Academic Building

9.Fourth Academic Building

10.Biotechnology Building Biotech

11.Dept. of Chemical Engineering

12.Second Academic Building

13.Third Academic Building

14.General Studies Building

15.Dept. of Molecular Science and Engineering Building

16.Chemistry Building


18.Administration Building

19.Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

20.Integrated Technology Complex

21.Alumnus Association

22.Red House (Historic Monument)


24.Pioneer International R&D Building


26.Tennis Court / 27.Basketball Court

28.Track & Field

29.Everlight Building

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