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Campus Attractions

Red House Historic Monument

The Red House Historic Monument is situated in the middle of Taipei Tech campus. This historical building resembles classic European architectures and was made purely of red bricks a century ago. It was originally built for book storage. Since the establishment of a new library in 1950, the function of the Red House changed with time, as faculty dormitory, office and venue for campus gathering afterschool. In the summer of 1991, the school repaired and equipped the Red House with audio and created a vibrant place for music lovers on campus. Six years later, the Red House was officially renamed the Historic Monument of Taipei Tech. Until now, the Red House Historic Monument has accompanied numerous students and faculty members of Taipei Tech, telling its story of a century that evolves on and on.


Green Gate

The Green Gate of Taipei Tech locates at Xinsheng South Road and Zhongxiao East Road intersection, also Exit 4 of MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station. It’s hard to miss this 39 meters wide, 32 meters high tree-shaped public art. Among green-vine-decorated academic buildings, the Green Gate erects like a living giant, thriving and robust, spreading its welcoming arms to the city in hospitality.

Due to the school’s effort in ecology preservation, Taipei Tech is ranked No. 2 in Asia for the GreenMetric World University. Under the Green Gate, three waterways were established and connected as a flowing river system that becomes an independent ecology homed to various species. Students of Taipei Tech and citizens of Taipei often sit by the waterways under the Green Gate, catching a breath of fresh air and enjoying this lovely green spot full of liveliness in the busy city.


Zhongxiao East Road Eco-Waterscape

The eco-waterscape, paved with wooden walkways, was established to improve the campus landscape by creating an eco-street which makes symbiosis between human beings and the environment. By utilizing the scarce open space of the city, the project uses plants and elements of water ecology to combine the green campus with the stream of people from the MRT and bus stations. The eco-waterscape walkway generates an entrance to a green eco-city and provides an environment that accommodates diverse species, leisure spaces, green urban landscapes, and humanism qualities. Starting from the Zhongxiao school gate in the east, the river flows through ecological hut, turns to the campus, and pours into the eco-pond. In addition to the main river course, we also set a wetland and a shallow water area, and retain a meadow for different species.


Time Capsule and the Hundred Years Monument

Upon celebrating Taipei Tech’s 100th anniversary, President Yao invites Taipei Tech’s alumnus, Kuo Mao-Lin, famous architect living in Japan, to introduce a memorial park on campus. In collaboration with Japanese KMG Architects, the design of the memorial park contains two piece of art installations, the Time Capsule and the Hundred Years Monument. Symbolizing the Chinese tradition of receiving from the old and passing down to the young, the Time Capsule is made of thick stainless steel that treasures over ten thousand written messages of students, alumni, citizens and faculty members. The interior is vacuumed and filled with high purity nitrogen so as to preserve the messages for eternity. The Hundred Years Monument consists of ten pillars that resemble trees, with each pillar representing ten years, which stands for a common Chinese quote that “it takes ten years to grow a tree; a century to cultivate a talent.” The stature of each pillar varies, symbolizing different phases of Taipei Tech’s century-old history. Other than the ten pillars established, ten other foundations were installed underground in preparation for the future hundred years of glorious development to come.


The Reading Pupil Statues

In 2013, two pupils joined the Taipei Tech family. In fact, they are two bronze statues of reading pupils situated on the campus benches near Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. The statues were donated by one of Taipei Tech’s Top 100 outstanding alumni, Hsu Ming-Te from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The lovely gift of reading pupils symbolizes the alumni’s anticipation and encouragement for young students in Taipei Tech to study hard and value the opportunity to learn. On special occasions like Christmas or Halloween, Taipei Tech students will creatively dress them up, adding a vigorous touch to the statues.


Taiwan Water Buffalo

In 2015, the Taiwan Water Buffalo entered Taipei Tech and was set on the lawn next to the Art and Culture Center. Designed by an artist, Xiu-qi Wang, the simple yet vivid look of the Taiwan Water Buffalo has a subheading written underneath “Richly cultivating Taiwan while reaching out to the world.” The bronze statue which stood on Taiwan was donated by one of Taipei Tech’s Top 100 outstanding alumni, Hsu Ming-Te, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Its image reminds our teachers and students of their homeland and encourages them to also think globally.


Eco Pond

There are several landscaping projects and structures on the campus that are designed to allow plants and creatures to strive on the Taipei Tech campus such as the eco pond located behind the Second Academic Building.


Arts & Cultural Center

The Taipei Tech Arts and Cultural Center regularly hosts all kinds of events and exhibitions, including concerts, student graduation shows, and curated exhibitions that demonstrate the best of Taiwanese artistry.

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