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Ming-Chu Fund

Ming-Chu Fund


National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech) has been dedicated to its transformation into a practical research university that keeps pace with universities of outstanding research results. The Ming-Chu fund is used for hiring industry leaders and academic experts from the international community as professors at Taipei Tech. The school sincerely invites its alumni and all friends to contribute in hopes to aid teachers and students in developing a unique field of research development and advance research capacity.


Established for more than a decade, the school has played an important role in cultivating engineering talents for industries. The school has achieved its leading status internationally in research development. Currently, there is an urgent need of academic professionals with practical experience. At this moment, a crucial timing for a major leap, the school is planning to raise a NT$50 million fund titled Ming-Chu Fund. Both local and foreign professionals will be hired with the Fund as faculty of Taipei Tech for either short or long term periods. The objective is to improve Taipei Tech’s teaching resources and academic capacity by introducing industry talents into the school. Research findings with foresight and perspective is undoubtedly positive to the school’s reputation. Hopefully in return, the school will contribute to the society.

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