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East Campus Development

Situated in the heart of Taipei City, the school faces a serious problem of land scarcity which restricts further development. The limited space results in the lack of teaching and research labs. To address the issue, the school has prioritized campus reorganization to increase space. The east campus is currently under construction for the first teaching building, and will soon continue with the second building. Although the school receives subsidy for half the expense, it is still short NT$500 million. In hope to swiftly provide students and faculty members with sufficient and resourceful space and facility, the school sincerely calls for all possible aid.

First Phase of Teaching & Research Building (currently under construction)

Location: Zhong Xiao East Road and Lane 193 intersection
Total floors: 13 + 3 below
Floor space: 28,934㎡
Expense: 995,440,000 NTD
Description: The construction of the teaching and research building is to address the issue of over-crowdedness on campus. Underground floors are for control rooms and parking spaces. The first floor will be a market space that provides services, second and third floors will be lecture halls and general classrooms and floors between 4-13 are mainly teaching and research areas for department of electro-optical engineering, Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management and other new departments.

Second Phase of Teaching & Research Building

Location: Zhong Xiao East Road and Jian Kuo South Road intersection
Total stories: 16 + 3 below
Floor space: 30,000㎡
Expense: 1,294,800,000
Description: It will be the expansion of the teaching and research platform. Sports facilities and sports related labs will also be relocated in this building along with a swimming pool in the basement. It will be opened to neighbors with extra charge and will also serve for sports related researches.

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